Young Goddess Kim – Smother Playtime – Femdom Pov, Smothering

Young Goddess Kim  Smother Playtime preview

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youre My personal toy, stored and locked away in the chest at the end of My bed. When not in use, you struggle in dark confinement, teased and tormented when you hear Me having all sorts of fun on My bed. I revel in knowing youre in there suffering and aching in the chastity cage. Today is your lucky day, toy – Im finally letting you come out to play… youre instantly transported to shiny heaven as you crawl out and see your Goddess in shiny black PVC, boots, gloves and pantyhose. Mmm Im going to have fun with you. Kneel in surrender as I allow you to take a moment to breathe deeply as you gaze in eager anticipation. Touch My property in the cage, I want it tightly squeezing as I tease you. Soon you will be under the control of My tight shiny gloved hands and divine ass. youre Mine, My slave toy, My property. I own every breath you take, until your very last. you will give in to Me as I smother you, take your breath away and trap you tightly with no escape. you even have the honour of kissing and worshipping My Goddess ass as I sit and bounce on your face. Lucky toy. Are you ready? Its Smother Playtime!
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Yasmin – Haraam Niyat For Hajj Spoil Your Ihram And Ruin Your Hajj For Shaytana – Religious, Blasphemous

Yasmin  Haraam Niyat For Hajj Spoil Your Ihram And Ruin Your Hajj For Shaytana preview

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Are you on your way to Medina to perform Hajj? Well then, if you have been watching my clips secretly, there is no way that you are going to perform Hajj with the cleanest, purest of intention. You will have a very blasphemous haraam niyaat in your mind, to worship Shaytana and forget your belief, forget your religion. Even though you go to Hajj, but i am going to be in your mind all the time everytime, so much so that, you cream up your Ihram, cum in your izaar. You are such a Kaafir, that you will never do Wudhu, and instead paint your face with cum, lick it up and just remove any visible remnants of your cum, and go ahead to perform Hajj. Instead of thinking about Allah, you are just going to think about me, having sex with me, right there in the Kaaba.
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WankItNow – Roxy Mendez – Off Topic – JOI, Jerkoff Command

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Your girlfriend is trying to help you study for your exam tomorrow, but she’s dressed up in a sexy dress ready for your date after your studying. But it’s far too distracting and it’s making your rock hard. She can see you’re not concentrating and are more focused on her, so if she was to let you wank while she slipped out of her dress, and had a play with you, will you please get back on topic and study!
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WankItNow – Natalia Forrest – Horny Detention – Jerkoff Command, Jerk Off Instruction-Joi

WankItNow  Natalia Forrest  Horny Detention preview

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You’re in detention with your sexy hot teacher, Miss. Forrest. She tells you that you’re her favorite pupil, but she can’t let you get away with misbehaving in class. She goes into her bag to grab some paperwork for you to sign, but a pair of lacey knickers accidentally falls out of her bag. She’s very embarrassed but tells you they’re for her hot date later. You’re being very cheeky and asking her to put them on. Miss. Forrest will only put them on for you if you promise you’ll start behaving in her class!
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WankItNow – Kacie James – Sexy Stalker – Instructions, Jerkoff Command

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Your crazy ex-girlfriend has used your spare key to let herself into your house. Kacie tells you she knows your girlfriend is at work and thought she’d come and pay you a cheeky visit. She’s convinced herself that you want her back, but you’ve made it clear it’s over. But now she’s sat on your bed flashing you her knickers. Kacie’s confident she can get you to wank over her while she fucks herself with her toy, what do you reckon? Can you resist your crazy ex?…
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WankItNow – Blonde Gabie – Something You Want – Femdom Pov, JOI

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You’ve started work on Gabie’s house, and she’s worried it’s all going to cost a bit too much. She’s noticed the way that you look at her, so perhaps there’s something that you want that will help keep the costs down. She makes it clear she won’t be touching you, but she welcomes you to touch yourself while she strips down to her sexy lingerie, and she’ll even fuck herself on the kitchen counter!
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WankItNow – Aurora Frost – Confidence Boost – JOI, Instructions

WankItNow  Aurora Frost  Confidence Boost preview

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You’ve gone to see a sex therapist because you’re not feeling confident at all in the bedroom. You don’t like the size of your cock, but your therapist assures you that’s is a perfectly good penis. But she can see you could really use a confident boost, and Aurora can see you’ve spotted her sex toys. If she was to give you a demonstration with her glass dildo and vibrator at the same time, do you think that’ll help your confidence?
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