Cinched and Secured – Simone – The Ties That Bind – Mouth Packing, Blindfold

Cinched and Secured  Simone  The Ties That Bind preview

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Simone is furious! Bound tightly hand and foot by an endless number of her boyfriend’s neckties, with her limbs fused together and contorted into uncomfortable poses, she’s outraged to learn that she is going to be used to pay off a debt he incurred when he bet HER in a poker game! The holder of the winning hand gets her for one night, and tonight is it! Tired of her protesting, her man stuffs a rag into her mouth and uses another necktie to hold it in place! Now that she’s been silenced well, he leaves her to her evening! She struggles, cursing up a storm and demanding to be released, but no one is there to hear her pleas. At least, not yet! Soon, the lucky gamble comes to claim his prize, and Simone is powerless to stop him from adding even more of the hated fashion wear to her plight, compacting her body more and more tightly, even using additional ties to increase the effectiveness of her gag! Now, her chest exposed, her body practically immobilized, she can do nothing but wait to see what else he has planned! After a thoroughly exhausting evening, her boyfriend returns, delighted by what he sees. In fact, with the last remaining necktie, he ties a blindfold on her so she can’t see what else the evening will bring. After all, who doesn’t love surprises?
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Cinched and Secured – Rosie – The Summoning, Mummification – Tape Bondage, Gagged Women

Cinched and Secured  Rosie  The Summoning Mummification preview

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It being the spooky season, Rosie has decided to embrace the dark side fully and completely. On a cold fall evening, dressed in a stunningly sexy full length slit leg dress, she enters her room and kneels in the summoning circle to begin her incantation. As she recites the ancient words, she feels a slight shiver of pleasure as she attempts to live her dream of being completely enveloped by the powers of darkness. As the spell progresses, darkness falls over the city and a large storm begins. Fog rolls in from the graveyard as thunder and lightning crash and strange unearthly voices begin to moan. Rosie grows more and more uneasy as the power in her home suddenly cuts out, but she steels herself and finishes casting the spell. With a blinding flash, suddenly she finds herself completely wrapped up with the pentagram, mummified by evil unseen hands! Gagged completely, she arches and thrashes in an attempt to escape her fate, but as the demonic laughter builds, she finally sees the face of the demon as he approaches! Poor girl, she had wanted to be enveloped by evil, and now she knows that sometimes wishes are best left unfulfilled!
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UpSkirt Jerk- Wank From Home – Masturbation Instruction – JOI, POV

UpSkirt Jerk Wank From Home  Masturbation Instruction preview

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Amber is working from home and you can’t help but sneak into the office room to get a look at her, you are feeling horny and with her working from home you figure it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the situation. Amber makes it clear that she doesn’t have time to have sex with you but if you agree to leave her alone to get on with her work she will let you have a cheeky wank while you look up her skirt at her shaven pussy.


UpSkirt Jerk – Game Play – Masturbation Instruction – JOI, Jerk Off Instruction

UpSkirt Jerk  Game Play  Masturbation Instruction preview

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Amber is playing a game in VR and you are getting a good look at her long sexy legs, she is wearing a short blue skirt and you’re getting super turned on. When she takes the headset off she can see what you’ve been up to and she can see the bulge that has suddenly appeared in your trousers, she’s impressed with the size and instructs you to take it out so she can get a good look at it.


UpSkirt Jerk – Creep And Cheat – Masturbation Instruction – JOI, Masturbation Encouragement

UpSkirt Jerk  Creep And Cheat  Masturbation Instruction preview

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Your girlfriend’s best friend Amelia is over and as she is getting changed you get a good look at her, she catches you lurking and tells you how inappropriate it is that you’re doing that to your girlfriend’s best friend. Luckily for you though she is willing to have a little bit of fun with you! The question though, is will she keep your very naughty secret?


Tsarina Baltic – Slurp up Your Cum JOI – Cei – Cocktease, Big Breast

Tsarina Baltic  Slurp up Your Cum JOI  Cei preview

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Jerking off to me has become a nescessity for you, you’ve grown so addicted to the experience of it all, my body makes you devastatingly weak, it’s everything compared to the bleakness boring jerk offs you had before me. In fact, I turned you into my obssessed gooner, there’s no other way to jerk off anymore but to me. This time, I’ll make you pump hard, ache for long time, edge til you’re brain is completely gone and true desperation sets in, you’ll do anything to get off, even eat your own slop. Cover your mouth in jizz for me, just to finally cum for me. Haha!


Tsarina Baltic – Cocksucker Training Mindfuck – Brainwash – Sensual Domination, Hypnotic

Tsarina Baltic  Cocksucker Training Mindfuck  Brainwash preview

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My tits have an undeniable edge to your willpower, it will bend it, smash it to smitherenes, burn it to the ground with just one soft squeeze, needless to say, it’s inevitable, I’ll turn you into a cocksucker, an empty headed cock gobbler, slobbering for cock, gagging on dick left and right, you’ll throb for cock, edge for cock, cum for cock all because of my tits. You’re much too weak to resist, it’s only fair when you’ll have my tits closer and closer to your face as I shove that dick inch after inch deeper into your mouth socket, fucking out whatever brain you have left until you’re a cock hungry whore ready to cum from getting facefucked with my big fat cock right here and now. It’s not just a spell you’re under, it’s now you’re new obssession, COCK!